African Language Translation Agency

Our team of a accomplished linguists deliver the most reliable African language translation services. We connect your business to African markets

Culturally Befitting Translations

We translate and adapt your content to suit the target audience. Our translators are experienced in their respective industry fields of specialization

Document Translation

Our company provides high quality and professional translation services catering for all document types such as legal, medical, financial.


We deliver interpreting solutions for any occasion. Our interpreters are experienced in conference and simultaneous interpreting.


Our translation company has experience in transcribing video and audio files. We transcribe files for varied industries.

Website Translation

We translate and adapt website to suit local targets. Our expert teams can help you not only to translate but also localize your website

Certified Translation

Get professional and reliable document translation services by our team of certified translators and interpreters.

Legal Translation Services

Professional and accurate legal translation services. Our legal translators are qualified and practice law

Translation Services that match your specific needs!

Translations for African Languages

As a language translation services provider based in Kampala Uganda, Uganda Translations is an ideal partner for your African language translation needs.  We deliver all language solutions including document translation, on-site consecutive interpreting solutions as well as audio/ video transcription and translation

In addition, our translation company also provides clients with notarized document translations. Furthermore, we have expertise in translating websites into various African languages as well as non-African languages. Our linguist network consists of a team of in-house resources as well as freelance professionals who collaborate on our projects regularly. For Ugandan languages, translations are done in-house because we have expert translators for all these languages and they work within our office premises.

Qualified Translators

In order to deliver a true language translation service, our company has employed the most qualified and competent translators with specialist knowledge in various industry fields.  All our translations for Ugandan languages are done by professional in-house translators.

We understand that translation goes beyond word conversion from one language to another. With this in mind, our translators ensure that the translation suits the target audience and the intended purpose. We translate to bring the real meaning of the message for the intended audience

Over 120 African languages covered

Our translation agency was established purposely to provide African language translation. We offer professional and top quality document translation services covering over 40 Ugandan languages and more than 80 other African languages. In addition, our prices for document translation are moderate but the quality remains top priority. Uganda Translations ensures that each translation project meets the client needs

Some of the languages we translate include;

Acholi   Amharic   Luganda   Luo   Igbo   Yoruba   Afrikaans   Swahili   Lusoga   Somali   Arabic   Adhola   Ateso   Dinka   Karamjong (IK)   Lingala   Oromo   Nuer   Soninke   Tigrinya   Wolof   Xhosa  Zulu   Swati   Tsonga   Urdu   Ndebele  Alur   Lugisu   Akan   French   Portuguese   Kinyarwanda   Kirundi   Malagasy   Bassa   Lugwere   Nkore, etc

Quality assurance

The document translation we provide is done by experienced and specialized industry translators. Uganda Translations, employs professional qualified translators and reviewers who are are committed in delivering quality all the time.

Each project passes through our quality assurance procedure where translation is done by native linguist and reviewed by another before delivery to the client. In addition, our translations are delivered within time initially agreed.


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