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Uganda Translations delivers top quality and professional Karimojong translation services catering for all document types. In addition, our translators provide an excellent translation based on expertise and professionalism. We are also able to provide certified translations for official use to our clients.

About Karimojong

The Karamojong people are believed to have migrated to Uganda from Ethiopia around 1600AD with two groups which split with one going to Kenya and one going to Uganda respectively. Karimojong language also sometimes spelt as Karamojong, Gakarimojong, Ngakarimojong or N’karimojong is a Nilo-Saharan language spoken in Karamoja Sub region by the Karamojong people in North Eastern Uganda.

Furthermore, This language is native to Uganda and its spoken in the districts of Moroto, Kotido, Abim, Nakapiripirit and Kaabong. The Karimojong people are known for their rich culture and strict dress code. It is one of the few cultures in Uganda which has not been much affected by global influence and they are mostly cattle keepers.

According to the census conducted by Uganda bureau of statistics in 2002, there are a total of 150,000 Karamojong native speakers in Uganda. This number however may have increased ever since in the country conducted the last census.

Professional English to Karimojong translation services.

Uganda Translations offers unique professional translation services from Karimojong to English and also  from Karimojong to other languages. Qualified and professional native Karimojong speakers deliver our English to Karimojong translations. Capturing and retaining the meaning of the original text is very important with us . Additionally, Client satisfaction in every project we handle is a priority. Our company does Karimojong translations covering the following fields such as legal, medical, and general business documents.

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In summary, If you require to translate any document from and into Karimojong language, our company is here to help. Another thing to note is that we also provide interpreting and transcription services for Karimojong language.