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We provide professional Luganda translation services to individuals, corporate companies and institutions. At Uganda Translations, our Luganda translators are native speakers with wide experience in translation to companies and individuals. In addition, all our Luganda translators are qualified and competent enough to do the job.

About Luganda

Luganda also sometimes referred to as Ganda is a Bantu language spoken in central Uganda among the Baganda people. The language is the second spoken language after English in Uganda.

It is also a de facto language of Uganda national identity and its the most spoken indigenous language in Uganda. This explains the assertion that every Ugandan is able to speak Luganda.

Luganda is spoken in many districts in central Uganda which include Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono, Butambala, Mpigi, Masaka and the surrounding districts.

In the capital Kampala, the majority of the Ugandans are able to speak luganda pretty well or at least fairly.

According to Uganda Bureau of statistics census report in 2002, there are 4,130,000 Luganda native speakers in Uganda with at least 1,000,000 speakers who use it as their second language. According to the same report, there are 5,133,450 luganda speakers worldwide.

Luganda is the official language in Buganda kingdom and it’s also the official language spoken in the king’s court. The anthem of Buganda Kingdom is also in Luganda.

Luganda is also taught in many schools especially those within the kingdom of Buganda where Kampala the capital is situated. This is an indication that this language is highly used in the country.

Professional Luganda Translation Services

We provide accurate and professional Luganda translation services. Our agency provides translation from Luganda to any target language and this is done by qualified professional translators also native speakers of the language.

We provide translation services in and from Luganda covering many documents including legal, medical, research documents, and general business documents.

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