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Kampala Translations Ltd is a Ugandan translation company based in Kampala Uganda. We specialize in providing multilingual translation services in Ugandan languages and other African languages too.

Uganda Interpreting Services

At Uganda Translations, we provide interpreting services for various occasions such as conferences, business meetings, research interviews, medical sessions, education sessions, etc. Our interpreting service caters for both simultaneous and consecutive needs of clients. Besides, we also provide interpreting equipment such as booths, microphones, and headsets.

Uganda interpreting services by expert linguists

We provide professional interpreting solutions covering a variety of occasions. We have experience in delivering interpreting solutions  for for organizations and individuals. Researchers in the medical and education fields, Not for profits organizations are among other clients who often use our interpreting service.

Multilingual interpreting services

Our translation company can help you interpret from English into any Ugandan language. Whether your target audience speaks more than 2 language, we will help you cover up every language you require. Besides Ugandan languages, we also provide interpreting services for other foreign languages such as French, Spanish, Arabic, and German.

Get interpretation quote

If you need an interpreter(s) for your event, get in touch with with details  of your requirements. We will deliver you with a free quote so you decide whether to move forward. Contact us to learn more about our service offer